Floral Guide

Flower Care To Keep Your Blooms Blooming

Fresh bouquets of flowers are beautiful and fragrant, and engaging in proper flower care techniques will help your flowers live longer and look prettier. As soon as you get them, take steps to keep them alive for as long as possible. Whether you have a single stem, a huge arrangement, or a small bouquet, making their care a priority will make all the difference in how long you can enjoy them.

Start with a clean vase. Some arrangements that are purchased from florists or delivered by mail will come with a vase, which is good news since it is probably brand new. You want to make sure the vase you put your flowers in is free from bacteria or dirt. Before arranging the flowers in your vase, snip the bottoms of the stems. This will freshen up your flowers and give them a good start in the vase.

Fill your vase with warm water. Changing the water every two or three days will keep your flowers fresh and healthy. Simply remove the bouquet and lay them down on a towel while you rinse out the vase and refill it with clean, warm water. Be sure to use any plant food that came with the flowers. This usually comes in little packets. Empty the packet into the water before you place the flowers back in. Ideally, you will use a packet of food every time you change the water. If you do not have enough plant food, use what you have and then simply continue to change the water in the vase.

When you change the water, take a moment to cut the bottom of the stems again with a sharp knife. Try to take off one or two inches each time, and if you can manage it, cut the stems under water. Doing this will allow the stems to draw in water instead of air.

Look for signs of cloudiness in the water. Replace the water if it starts to look cloudy. Make sure you cut off or prune any leaves that are on the stem and under water. Those leaves can cause bacteria to grow on your flowers and in your vase.

Temperature is important to flowers. Try to keep them in an environment that is between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Try to keep them out of direct sunlight, and away from your stove and other heat sources. Do not put them right under ceiling fans, or expose them to televisions and other appliances.

Your beautiful bouquet of roses, tulips, lilies, or other flowers will usually last you for about a week. Taking good care of them by keeping them in a vase full of warm, clean water and plant food will help them live as long as they possibly can. Taking a few extra steps by trimming the stems and paying attention to where and how you place them will also give you an extra few days to enjoy your flowers. Having a freshly cut bouquet of flowers is an appealing and enjoyable way to spruce up any space.